My Life in Jazz

A lifetime of Jazz by Danny Silverstone

Jazz is a unique art form – the main contribution to American music in the 20th century played in obscure clubs by under-paid and disregarded musicians, some of whom rank as virtuosi in any era or context.

After many years spent on the listening and observing side of bandstands, I can now draw on my experience as a practitioner, playing alto sax with a couple of modern jazz bands playing music drawn from the great modern jazz repertoire stretching from early bebop through to the 1970’s around London. From Monk & Bird through to Sonny Rollins, Wayne Shorter, & Herbie Hancock. Plus many less well-known jazz composers – Mal Waldron, Benny Golson, Tadd Dameron.

Jazz has been a significant feature and factor in my life since my mid-teens. I am deeply immersed in its music, culture, social history, politics, urban myths and influences. I realise how much jazz has invigorated my life.

This is an opportunity to share some of that enthusiasm with you…





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For most of my career I’ve been singing for snacks : Sheila Jordan

Jazz is for those who want to be in attendance when the miracle happens : Ted Gioa

Would you die for me? I’d die for you? : Charlie Parker to Charles Mingus

The loudest noise in the world is silence : Thelonious Monk

Jazz is the expression of fleeting emotions : Ronnie Scott

This cat got up and started playing a tune, I don’t think Beethoven would have been able to figure out the changes : James Brown on Sonny Rollins

I never want not to be practicing. I want to be there when the angel comes & gives me the message : Sonny Rollins

Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life : Art Blakey

Jazz happens in real time, once : Graham Collier

I didn’t know there were two 10 o’clocks in the same day : Bud Freeman

Round Midnight. Monk is in the room and you can solo on that for the rest of your life : Pat Metheney

The loudest noise in the world is silence : Thelonious Monk

Jazz musicians are beacons in the storm : Herbie Hancock

Play how you wish the world to be : Wayne Shorter

What do you say after “once upon a time” : Miles Davis