I was recently contacted by Jesus Perezagua, the CEO and co-founder of Oh! Jazz, a fairly new online platform which promotes jazz artists, music and venues across the world. I found the premise of Oh! Jazz intriguing and could see some synergies between mylifeinjazz and Oh! Jazz. We’re both passionate about jazz, interested in exploring its global status and nature and keen to promote up-and-coming and established voices on the international jazz scene.

One of the main distinguishing features between our two sites is that Oh! Jazz is a commercial operation which ringfences 35% of its subscription income to jazz artists and venues, whereas mylifeinjazz is and will remain an entirely free, not-for-profit platform.  Oh! Jazz aims to substantially grow their subscriber base which, from my point of view, will enable them to increase their future support for jazz in all its many forms.

I am impressed with what Oh! Jazz has achieved by their deep commitment to our music and feel that their platform can have a beneficial impact on developing the careers of jazz musicians and the viability of jazz venues across the world.

It is for this reason that I am happy to endorse Oh! Jazz and to encourage subscribers to consider taking out a subscription to the platform benefitting from the exclusive 50% one-off discount being offered to mylifeinjazz subscribers.

You will also find a short playlist made up of music that has caught my attention over the last couple of months.

What follows is a brief description of OH! Jazz from the founder himself.

    Oh! Jazz was born with the ambition of providing jazz with a global window through an audiovisual platform that serves to make all styles, rhythms, and local influences visible and facilitate their access to jazz lovers from all over the world. Oh! Jazz is characterised by its truly international vision. The platform stems from its founders’ passion for live music, the atmosphere of jazz clubs and the quest to reproduce that atmosphere with the highest audiovisual quality, fidelity and excellence.

    The raison d’être of Oh! Jazz

    Oh! Jazz aims to contribute directly to the development and promotion of jazz around the world, helping artists and clubs to achieve their goals by creating a platform to showcase themselves to a global audience with a high level of engagement. 

    It seeks to bring artists, clubs and composers into the homes of jazz aficionados or connoisseurs, but also to bring jazz to a wider audience, eliminating clichés around it and showcasing the latest innovations and talent, both emerging and established.

    Oh! Jazz’s business model reflects its founders’ commitment to jazz. 35% of each subscription goes entirely to artists and clubs, turning users into true patrons. In this way, the Oh! Jazz community contributes to the benefit of the performers and to the maintenance of the most iconic clubs, doing their bit for the promotion of jazz worldwide. 

    Oh! Jazz’s commitment goes beyond the production of exclusive audiovisual content. In its desire to give visibility to its artists, the platform acts as a promoter of concerts and festivals around the world and is currently preparing the launch of its own record label. It also has the Oh! Jazz Mag space, which aspires to become one of the main portals for knowledge of the style worldwide.

      As a special introductory offer, we can offer our My Life in Jazz subscribers a 50% discount* off your first subscription period:

      Monthly Subscription: £20 minus £10 discount = You pay £10 You Save £10

      Yearly Subscription: £200 minus £100 discount = You pay £100 You Save £100

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      Bring live jazz to your living room today!

      *Terms and conditions:

      1. This discount code is offered by Oh! Jazz, and is available only for new subscriptions.
      2. Discount applies to the first subscription period of the monthly or yearly plan you choose. Further charges will be at the standard rate.
      3. Plans can be cancelled at any time, but there are no refunds for unused time.
      4. Use of the service is according to the Oh! Jazz Terms of use, which can be found here.